Technology Universe is an Egyptian shareholding company based in Cairo specialized in providing value added services for Enterprise business applications especially Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions across industries.

Technology Universe Products

MY Payroll

Using MY Payroll will make it much easier for you to handle complicated withholdings, constantly changing payroll items ...

Installment & Credit Control System

The application is developed to provide a full workflow control and full automation for credit approval and installment follow up cycles, different credit schemes, and customer types.

Medical insurance program

Linking the customer to an insurance company. When the customer requests the medicines, the deductible percentage is deducted from the bill automatically and downloaded to the company’s account, specifying the items covered by the insurance company, the deductible percentage and the validity date of the customer’s card.

Promotion Program


A program for creating company offers to achieve sales conditions by item, items hierarchy, suppliers, or a group of items. Upon fulfilling the conditions, a discount is calculated for the customer on a group of items, whether the discount is a percentage or an amount.

Sales Control

Special tool for Mall Renting Management, it allows a secure, safe & accurate sales data transfer from stores to the Mall Management.

MS Dynamics RMS & MS Dynamics GP Integration

Import RMS data to the Corresponding GP Module using date range. All of RMS Purchases & Returns, Inventory Adjustments & Transfers, Sales & Sales Returns, even store expenses & other revenues.

CRM software

Program for linking customer data and purchases from the point of sale by connecting the phone modem

At the point of sale and display the caller's data through the phone number, with the ability to demonstration the number.

Store Archive

EL-Raed developed special tool for Retailers to backup & archive store transactions with the option of total or partial archiving.

E-Commerce Integrator for MS Dynamics GP

Encourage your customers to perform online ordering, e-payments on your website and don’t fear double work as your sales cycle will be Integrated using E-Commerce Integrator.

Voucher program

The program calculates the Voucher owed to the customer through his schema (account terms)

The manager presents it to calculate the extent to which the customer has earned a voucher and its value, and to send the voucher number in a text message to the sender of the customer who deserves the voucher within a certain period.

Microsoft Dynamics

With an accumulated experience in delivering successful ERP & BI projects in Egypt and the Middle East, Technology Universe team is found to bridge the gap between technology and business requirements. With extensive experiences in ERP projects implementation, world class solutions that cater for all industries, knowledge and a determined focus on realizing value of our clients’ success are hallmarks of Technology Universe and our approach. We have the right team, the best products, approach, and collaborative spirit to work with our clients and achieve a joint success. The strengths and differentiators of Technology Universe can be summarized in these four key areas: Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and infor

MS Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics® AX is the Microsoft® enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for enterprises that empowers your people to anticipate and embrace change so your business can thrive. By combining comprehensive ERP with purpose-built industry capabilities, this single powerful solution delivers value across your business quickly, the agility to maximize opportunities in a changing market, and the simplicity to drive innovation— today and tomorrow.

MS Dynamics GP

Built using the latest MS technologies, GP can meet your unique and changing business needs with rich reporting and analysis capabilities, customizable transaction flow, and the flexibility, security features, and control needed to maximize operational efficiency. Microsoft Dynamics GP also provides the catalyst of your business needs to fully embrace the Internet with application for self-services and business intelligence that reduce overhead and provide new revenue opportunities.

MS Dynamics RMS

Microsoft Retail Management System” combines proven POS and back office features with multi-store retail management tools and Windows’ ease-of-use in one complete shrink-wrapped software package. System payback starts immediately. Built for the most demanding retail needs, “Microsoft Retail Management System” enhances efficiency at the point of sale while providing crucial data for inventory management and relationship marketing.


Hendrerit interdum

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Interface design

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Platinum Partner

To help enterprises, from small and medium sized up to large ones, in the regional market realize their business software value more efficiently and faster thru the provision of value added services in areas of implementation, education and support. Through selective talented and experienced human resources who are dedicated to serving both our clients and community, we aim to run a profitable business that enables us to apply the latest technology and best people to be the leading firm in a highly ethical manner.

Oracle Cloud

To be the first choice of our clients when it comes to choosing their enterprise business applications services provider. Through the recruitment of best experiences and skilled resources coupled with best practices and knowledge, we aim to bridge the gap between our client’s business needs and the available applications platform and deliver tangible results faster and cost effective.

Technology Universe

Since 2006 Technology Universe is the leading implementation partner for Microsoft retail & distribution solutions.


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